API – Asian Pacific Islands Club. API celebrates cultural diversity on campus, and students from ALL backgrounds are welcome.  Advisor: Bill Sadler

Art & Technology ClubArt Club explores the arts in fun and exciting ways. Whether face painting, working on murals, or projects for one’s self, art and craft is done in many ways. Students participate in community activities, which have included painting windows of convalescent hospitals creating, DIY freshwater pearl bracelet and donating gifts, donating brightest tac flashlight in the world, etc.  Museum trips are planned for Art Club and art classes to explore artists and cultures. Art Club meets once a week throughout the year and with some projects meets more frequently.
Advisors: Kathy Farros-Hoeppner and Stephanie Jones

AVID This club is open to all students but originated from the AVID class. The club’s focus is on increasing college awareness and helping to create a college culture on WCW campus. We try to take fieldtrips to college campuses and hope to organize tutoring in the future. AVID Club also works with the counseling dept. when they need to get the word out about college events and workshops.
Advisors: Heather Leonard, Lynn Spardlin, Christina Mitsiopoulos

Best Buddies– This is an opportunity for students to be matched to a student with disabilities. We go on field trips every month and often have lunch together. In celebrating our differences we find out just how much we are similar. Advisor: Gregory Goldstein

Block W– Letterman’s club for all Female and Male Athletes who have lettered in a Varsity sport.  Advisor: Mike Boles

Business Club The purpose of this club is to empower members with a better understanding of entrepreneurship, business ethics, and global enterprise. Members are students who have completed at least one business class, who are currently in a capstone class such as Virtual Enterprise, or who have an interest in business entrepreneurship. Members are involved in either or both Virtual Enterprise and Students for the Advancement of Global Entrepreneurship (SAGE). Advisor: Debbie Garcia

Chess Club- Advisor Katie Norton

C.S.F- an “honor society” recognizing students who complete challenging academic classes and do well.  Life members are eligible for local C.S.F. scholarship and for recognition at graduation.
Advisors: Mark Spencer and Todd Blanset

Culinary Arts Club – Students interested in cooking and eating! We explore different cultures through our recipes. Learn new and advanced cooking techniques through guest chefs and self-exploration. Garnishing, cake decoration and catering skills are introduced at the club’s will. This club is a service organization in that they volunteer for community activities such as donating food to the food bank and cooking for the homeless on holidays. Field trips include visiting local culinary schools, partaking of various local restaurants and exploring a variety of grocery stores. This club meets for two hours every other Friday.
Advisors: Kathleen McDermott.

Design Club– This club was organized for all WCW students interested in the practical application of the arts through Fashion and/or Interior Design. The club is a service organization in that they help design costumes and set interiors for the school’s performing arts program. Advisors help and teach students the arts of sewing, crocheting, knitting, furniture repair and design. Field trips include shopping and visiting clothing and furniture factories. Meetings are for two hours every other Friday and when projects demand more time. Advisors: Beth Lai.

Drama Club Open to all students who have an interest in either onstage or backstage work. You do not have to be in a show to be in the Drama Club. Talent and experience is always welcome, but not required! Enthusiasm is the key to the fun. Advisor: Mrs. Ray

Drum Club-Advisor Kevin O’Leary

Ethnic Success– All students are welcome. The Motto of Ethnic Success is to recognize and encourage excellence in education, to promote and to develop leadership. Team colors are red which signifies courage, fire and energy; black signifies power, stability, protection and self control; and white which signify honor, glory and love. We recognize and encourage many talents for membership including singers, poets, speakers, writers, dancers, directors etc. We use all talents to provide service, education and performances to the school. Advisor: Marvl Thomas

Exit Club– Stands for Eternally Excited in Truth. It is a nationwide Christian club. It is open to all students and all faiths. Meetings are every Wednesday in room C7.
Advisors: Shannon Abin and David Barthelemess

French Club– Open to all students interested in French language and culture of any of the many countries where French is spoken. We participate in a variety of activities as decided by club members. These include: eating at French restaurants or preparing French meals; participating in community events, such as the Cultural Diversity Fair; raising funds to donate to a worthy cause that provides assistance to people in a French speaking country. New members are always welcome.Advisor: Chris Lindberg

Game Club– Offers teens a safe and sane place to get together and play various games, including: board games, collectable card games (CCG’s), and role playing games (RPG’s), miniatures games and computer and video games.  Advisor: John Hill

GSA- Gay Straight Alliance, GSA celebrates diversity on campus; promotes tolerance and respect among students; promotes a safe campus for all students; and provides a place for students to find support. All students are welcome. Meetings are held every Thursday after school. Advisor: Greg Ciapponi

Key Club- Student-led organization that teaches leadership through serving others.Advisor John Cornett

Latinos Unidos- This club is to unite the Hispanic students on campus and celebrate their culture and diversity. Advisor: Shannon Abin and Kathy Troub

Math Club Math Club meets weekly during both lunches to promote interest in mathematics. Our special project each year is to organize the annual elementary math steeplechase held in the spring. We also sponsor a school-wide community service project each year such as “gifts for the troops” or a “canned food drive.” Advisor: Daniel Rodriguez

PeaceJam- Peace means not having to live with violence – whether it is physical, emotional or verbal violence; whether it is from a family member, friend, enemy or stranger.    We all experience some form of violence in our lives.  If you want to begin to change this, Peace Jam is the place for you.
Advisor Garnet McQuitty

Photo Club- The Will C. Wood Club is for photographers of any skill level. The Will C. Wood Photography Club is about taking pictures.  One of the things the club does is captures and documents the significant and inspirational moments of each year’s school events and plays an active role in serving the school community by assisting in photographic coverage for ceremonies and publications such as homecoming for yearbook. The club also serves to encourage members to pursue their interest in photography through photo-outings and sharing, and in fostering artistic pursuits. Some other things we do in photography club are: *Explore camera technology and software *Talk about gear (electronic/digital and chemical/film) *Take trips to cool places, socialize and then take pictures *Make homemade pinhole cameras *Hold fun photo completions, akin to photographic scavenger hunts *Take lots and lots and lots of pictures *Share images and techniques with each other *Explore the manual controls of camera
Advisors: Jared Ropelato and Lloyd Chan

R.P.M Automotive ClubRapid Precision Machinery open to all students, not just auto tech. The goal is camaraderie in an automotive environment with an emphasis on automotive appearance and performance. The club meets every Wednesday from 6:00 to 10:00 P.M. attendance for the entire four hours is not mandatory, it is scheduled that long so some of the larger projects can be accomplished.
Advisor: Tom Dougherty

S Club Membership in this club is open to service-oriented students who show initiative and leadership in extracurricular activities in our school, who have maintained and continue to maintain satisfactory scholastic and citizenship records. It is open to all grades 9-12, male and female. The objective of our club is to be of service to the school and community, to cooperate with the school authorities in creating a school environment with high standards and ideals and to prepare members to assume leadership in the business and professional world. We combine fun, friendship, leadership and service in every meeting and activity. S Club is sponsored by our local Soroptimist International of America.
Advisors: Debbie Garcia

Science Club- Advisor Lloyd Chan

Ski and Snowboard Club- Advisor Rex Milligan

Wildcat Wrestling Club– We have wrestling practices in the off-season, March through October. We also take members of the club to Freestyle/Greco Roman Wrestling competitio