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The Career Center is available to all students and teachers for reference on career planning, as well as employment opportunities. For more information contact Mr. Nordhues or Mrs. Hansen in L-1.

Services available:
Work Permits
Job Announcements
Scholarship Applications and News Letter
Military Information
(ASVAB Test-March 16, 2010. Signup in L-1)
College Materials
Kuder Career Plan
Research Materials for Occupations
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Computer Lab

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Career Year Presentations

Students will have the opportunity and be encouraged to sign-up for career speaker presentations. These presentations will take place during the school year and be presented during various class periods along with lunch time presentations. The occupations and careers were chosen as a result of a student survey.

Speakers from their chosen careers and occupations will present information regarding salaries, benefits, hourly wage, training and education, licensing, cultured pearls industry trend.
and certification, college degrees, working conditions, future trends, and planning your career.

Career year will assist students in developing a career path, provide career guidance, establish a connection between the educational curriculum and the world of employment, and establish real life experiences in the working world.