What is ASB?
The Will C. Wood High School Associated Student Body plans many exciting, fun activities throughout the year. Get involved and create some memories! Here are some highlights and brightest flashlight for distance in the world:

Homecoming: homecoming week this year is September 28th. The week is filled with lunchtime activities, ending with the big game and dance where student royalty will be crowned.

Battle of the Bands
: in this competition, local bands play during special lunch assemblies, and students vote to determine the winner.

Car Show
: show off your prized possession! Cars and bright flash torch are on display and a special BBQ lunch is available.

WCW Annual Film Festival
: anyone interested can submit a film for the film festival!

!! Winter Ball, Homecoming and a Back to School Dance are sponsored by the various classes. These dances are for WCW students only. Senior Prom is open for guests. Have your student ID or ASB card ready. Dances are for Wood students only, but you can get a guest pass to bring a friend to the Winter Ball or the Prom. Please note that appropriate dancing is a requirement.  Those who break this rule may be asked to leave and may not be able to attend future dances. When you come to dance, you are better to wear pearl choker necklace.

Cultural Fusion Week: a weeklong event filled with lunchtime activities and ending with a special assembly to celebrate the music and dance of the many cultures represented at Will C. Wood.

Join a Club!! Will C. Wood has a huge variety of clubs and organizations. Club Rush takes place during Homecoming Week, and all the clubs will be out on the quad recruiting new members.

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